Where to Buy

Belvidere Display

Belvidere is a proud member of the American Booksellers Association (ABA), and wholeheartedly supports the goals and missions of the ABA, and the viability of the independent bookstore market. Belvidere is available for sale in a variety of versions — including illustrated and non-illustrated format(s), both in paperback and hardcover. Buy all of the eight installments one at a time, or for the die-hard binge reader, go for the entire set. Coming soon to independent bookstores and restaurants near you.

The Book Garden
28 Bridge Street
Frenchtown, NJ
Phone: 908-996-2022
Boonton Station
202 Myrtle Avenue
Boonton, NJ
Phone: 973-917-4500
251 Water Street
Belvidere, NJ
Phone: 908-750-4357
United Cigar & Card
13 Broadway
Denville, NJ
Phone: 973-627-6718