The Setting: A long-forgotten outpost in the quiet wilds of rural, northwestern Jersey. A strange place indeed.
The Year: 2006, in the midst of a hopeful spring.
The Dates: April 20th, 2006 (day one), by October 7th, 2006 (day 171), things are decidedly different.
The Conte:A mysterious man with a checkered past is sent to a strange, little dead-end town; to do what, and to whom, he simply doesn’t know. He never does. SHE decides when, THE DARTS decide where, and IT decides why, with the malevolent puppet in his head always with him, always in him, always watching, to ensure the rules are followed, and the game is played. The game exists simply to be played; if it isn’t, then there is no game. And this is simply not allowed. It’s all part of a dangerous dance that he neither understands nor controls. Along the way, he befriends those he will, in the end, likely betray, and there will certainly be trouble if he does not.
The Presentation: This fictional, eight-installment, serial novel represents a fantastical, mysterious journey; an ephemeral olla podrida of raw erotica, graphic violence, racism, heathenism, bigotry and vulgarity, all buoyed by the strength and providence of friendship, love and kindred souls – right or wrong, standing shoulder-to-shoulder. This expansive work, written as a continuing story, in eight, progressive, full-length novels (designated as Installments I through VIII) is vaguely reminiscent of Beat literature, which can be best described as a rejection of standard narrative and linguistic values, including, but not necessarily limited to, syntax, punctuation, sentence structure, and morphology. The writing style is idiosyncratic; it is how the author thinks, and how the author believes this fictional account should be told. And just as important, it’s how real people speak and communicate in the real world, which is rarely textbook or correct. The story feels real, or at least how this author perceives reality, which is all that matters between the end-papers. As a warning, the novel series contains narrative and dialogue which exhibits mature material, not suitable for children, nor certain sensitive adults, including vulgarity, racism, bigotry, graphic violence, and raw erotica. The reader is cautioned to proceed at their own risk.
Authorship: This fictional series represents the premier published work of this New Jersey-born, raised and based author; it is the culmination of a long, winding road-journey with an array of complex and flawed fictional characters who call this novel home. It is all they have to offer, and they wish to share it with whomever wants to gamble on a saunter beside them. Both they and the author, hope you find it worth the walk. The author has chosen to remain anonymous, simply, and aptly, designated by X-Sans Nom, because this story is, and always has been, about the cast of characters – it was produced and is dedicated to them, and them alone. Their account will stand or fall on whether they capture the hearts and souls of the reader; the author simply listened to them and committed their story, hopes and dreams onto the leaf between the end-pages. It took 15 long years; now it is time to share them, and their story, with the real world. Hopefully they will win you over.