Installment VIII


And it continues. A well-earned reconciliation – life changed forevermore; Happy Birthday brother; a Romper Room revisit to pop-goes-the-weasel; tales of forbidden trips off-grid; a fuck-you to the voices in his head; and a boomerang back; butt in the bush, an early morning radar run; broken rules – the dire consequences unravel fast; bad deeds on Depue and beyond; a better life, even when it’s really not…a life; the river makes an important claim; a boy makes an important reveal; puppets in dreams do terrible things; the best funeral ever; scorching the levee rim road, one last time; a pass through a seldom-seen door, into Room 101; Monsieur Majoric revealed; the last couple standing, but for just how long? as went the tiny fly: tick-tick-tick…what to do?; and a slow shake for a bad decision made, followed by smile, so sad. To be continued? I suspect the answer is a definite…


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