Installment V


And it continues. Depravity returns, sleeping with the enemy; a dangerous confrontation in the grape aisle; everything changes and change isn’t good; Margery learns to squat and frostbite settles in at Brookfield; a face-to-face with the puppet – behold a pale horse; little do they know, but someone is slowly dying; the power of the fortune cookie; let the wild rumpus start; an introduction to a secret Couch Rock; a circuit-girl is born, followed by a little note called ‘help’; a mallard, a gurkha and a kill list at the river ramp; an old lady knits, and then she doesn’t; an important flashback for Carol…the dead one; Cord, Lilly and a fateful Foul Rift run; and fun times at the County Fair….not. To be continued…


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