Q: Is Belvidere a real place? Can I actually go to some of the places mentioned in the novel?
A: The answer is a resounding yes to all of the above! Although the characters are fictional, and the scenes are fictional, many of the settings are not. From Nonpareil/Palace of Sweets to the Belvidere Cemetery; from Couch Rock and the Blue Trail to the Belvidere Boat Ramp and the dangerous Foul Rift; from the Courthouse Park — complete with Earl’s bench to L’antre du Lion; they all are more than real. Come and visit this strange, little forgotten corner of the world and see how many places you can find!

And for a real-life adventure, contact us and we will arrange personalized tours (either self-guided or with a local guide) of the novel settings — customized to focus on your favorite nooks and hideaways — of which there are many. We can also arrange two and three-day get-aways — mini-vacations which include tours, lodging and meals…a great idea for devout book fans and/or book club members.
Q: Do you do anything special for our Book Club?
A: Yes; we love to partner with and support book clubs! For book clubs, we provide:

  • discounts on all the books purchased by members of the book club;
  • boxed props for use during your book club meetings — one specialized box for each of the eight installments;
  • speakers to come to your club event to discuss the book, answer questions, and engage in dialogue about what it all really means;
  • customized tours and mini-overnight vacations of some of the favorite haunts that are described in the novel series;
  • whatever else you may be looking for…hopefully!
Q: Why has the author chosen to remain anonymous?
A: The author believes this conte was written by, and for, the characters themselves, all of them, but especially the five primary ones. They are the individuals that dictated the story, so to speak — they whispered and the author simply listened and wrote it all down — it took long 15 years to complete the task. This novel series is their story; we hope you agree the trip is worth taking.
Q: If the author is anonymous, then how can you provide autographed copies for sale? Sounds fishy to me!
A: Trust us, if you saw the author’s signature, you’d understand…you could never read it, even if you tried! That does not mean it is not authentic — it is simply illegible, but legitimate for sure. We offer limited autographed versions, and even more limited personalized autographs. If you are interested, just let us know.
Q: Why don’t the hard copy installments of the novel come with a dust jacket?
A: Simple…we don’t like them. Our plain black cover speaks for itself; we don’t feel it needs any embellishment. And if you can figure out what the red dot on the cover really means, drop us a line –- so far no one has gotten it right. Maybe if you guess correct, we’ll give you a free dust jacket…then again, maybe not. Okay, we actually will have a half-dust jacket available for purchase, as an optional add-on. It will be a half-jacket because it’s different than a full jacket, and we want to be a bit different. The half-jacket will be pretty cool-looking, if we do say so ourselves. So, if a dust jacket matters to you, you can buy one, and protect half the book; the other half is shit-out-of-luck.
Q: In what formats can I purchase the novel series?
A: To satisfy a variety of reading preferences, we have decided to make the sequential, 8-volume novel series available in multiple formats: (a) Softcover (fully illustrated and non-illustrated); (b) Hardcover (fully illustrated and non-illustrated); and (c) eBook (fully illustrated and non-illustrated). At this time, we are not offering an audio version, or large-print version, but may in the future. Also, for now, English is the only language the novel series is printed in; the colloquial nature of the dialogue may make translation a bit difficult. However, if a future need for multi-lingual versions arise, we will certainly consider it.
Q: Can I buy more than one installment at a time?
A: Yes, of course you can! You can buy the series in eight single purchases or in multiple installments at one time. If you buy the entire series, either all eight installments (Binge-in-a-Box) or the next seven after the first novel (Buy-a-Batch) we offer a 10% overall discount as a cherry-on-top.
Q: What exactly is the Excerpts book and why would, or should, I buy that?
A: As for the bound Excerpts, this was our attempt to give potential readers a taste of the entire, approximately 2,800 page 8-volume novel series in one small bite — a way to taste the entrees before bellying up to the entire buffet, and therefore making a substantial investment in buying the series. To that end, we culled a few representative passages from each of the eight novels, and combined them into one, approximately 150-page bound book, to give readers a tiny taste of the long journey that lay before them. bound Excerpts are fully illustrated, so you can get a sense of the characters and places they inhabit while exploring the environs in and around an off-the-beaten-path hamlet bestowed with the place name Belvidere.
Q: Okay, seriously, am I really going to be offended reading this novel series?
A: Alas, only you can answer that question. But, we have tried to make it eminently clear both within the beginning pages of each novel installment, in our advertising, and on this website, that this novel series WILL offend some people, especially if you are sensitive to characters, and their dialogue and thoughts, that are, at times extremely racist and bigoted.

And although the series is certainly not violent or erotic in toto, it is extremely so in parts, often describing violent and sexual acts in vivid detail — likely too vivid for some. And it may, to some, exhibit an anti-religious thread, and does employ course/vulgar language throughout. So, beware, if such things bother you.

Hopefully, you will overcome all the red flags and enjoy the book and characters for who and what they are…flawed, a reflection on what we are, unfortunately, as a society as a whole, including kind, loving, forgiving and kindred.
Q: Is there more story coming? Or does this 8-volume novel end after 2,800-plus pages? Please say yes…please say no!
A: Some have asked for a sequel; others have asked for a prequel…a third contingent want both Rolled into one. Alas, the answer to that question resides on the very last page of Installment No. 8…Ken and Sandy style. If you don’t know what that means, solve the mystery and buy Installment 8, or figure out who Ken and Sandy are.
Q: What is this story about making gobs of money posting pictures of me, myself and I reading the novel?
A: Okay, maybe gobs isn’t exactly the right term, but some coin may be had if you post pictures of yourself reading our novel in real-life situations or not-so-real life (on the sofa, by the pool, on the beach, with the cat, in bed, on the subway, on the train, in the car — preferably not while driving, in the tub — but no nudity please, on the trampoline, hugging the stripper pole, in the shower…you get the general picture — pretty much anywhere). If we like your shot, and use it on our website or social media posts, we will compensate you — how much? Not sure yet…depends on how much we like it but we’ll figure that out and let you know before we use your oeuvre — if we come to a deal, you get your 15 minutes of fame…maybe more. Seriously, this will be a fun, ongoing project for us…the more that participate, the merrier. Get your artistic eye on!
Q: Where can I buy the novel series?
A: Okay, we are attempting something a bit different; either it will work like a charm, or the idea will go down in flames. We are cool either way, but are kinda hoping for the former. We are a proud member of the American Booksellers Association (ABA), which means we love and support independent bookstores, independent authors and small-scale publishers. To that end, we are marketing this book to:

  • first and foremost, coming soon at your local independent bookstores, preferably ABA member shops;
  • our own website (i.e., where you are parked right now!);
  • chic and trendy cafes/restaurants;
  • and boutique hotels.