Become a Partner

Belvidere is marketing the series of novels through the following outlets:

  • On our website;
  • Through the approximately 39,000 worldwide partners of IngramSpark print-on-demand;
  • At select, partner independent bookstores;
  • At select, partner boutique hotels; and
  • At select, partner specialty cafes and restaurants.

Belvidere is also a proud member of the American Booksellers Association (ABA), and supports the goals and missions of the ABA and the viability of the independent bookstore marketplace. We welcome ABA members to contact us with your own partnering ideas to promote both your brand and ours.

For our partners, we can provide beautifully, darkly designed artistic 10-pocket bookstore floor displays, life-size character standees (including one that stands six feet-eight inches tall — the exact height of one of the beloved characters in the series) and vividly designed countertop displays to market our books, along with complimentary bookmarks and novel series synopses.

We also have a beautifully illustrated 156-page bound Excerpts compendium, which culls key passages from all eight installments of the novel — so a potential purchaser can get a flavor of the writing style for the entire novel series (similar to watching the trailers to a series of movies to pique interest).

We can provide some really cool complimentary Book Club props, if a client-sponsored Club would be interested in featuring our novel series. Please note, if the Book Club got creative, there may be some minimal, to not-so-minimal costs, if some of our crazier prop ideas were employed (e.g., original art from one of the novel illustrators, guest character appearances, group field trips to actually see important/highlighted scenes right out of the novel, and so forth). These ideas run the gamut, and we can discuss in more detail if there is any interest in this avenue with potential partners.

If you are interested in partnering with us, or just wish to explore the possibilities to cross-market, please email Kristine Chiorando at